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Dallas Red Foundation Charity Bracelet


Designer: HIS WORLD Collection


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What's It For?

This wearable memory is The Dallas Red Foundation's bracelet for their 9th annual Red Party designed by HIS WORLD Collection in support of the amazing work the foundation does in the North Texas area. Every bracelet directly benefits the foundation to further their charitable work. This beaded bracelet is made using a special, patented process that blends silver dust into a special resin that encrusts the silver dust and provides the desired color. By blending the silver dust with the resin, we are able to provide a durable, lightweight, and affordable bracelet that will not scratch or chip during regular wear. The bracelet features an elastic band so that it fits all wrists.


Item Features

  • Patented process makes bracelet very durable
  • Elastic band to accommodate any wrist size
  • Brings awareness to a worthy cause

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